The Plasteek Concrete Groover by John Czegledi

Inventions and Designs in Metal and Concrete

The Plasteek Concrete Groover is a unique and revolutionarily engineered concrete grooving tool, that promises to change the way concrete is finished. This ingenious grooving tool is made with rugged, durable materials and is fully adjustable for all types of angles and positions. Weighing less than two pounds, its light weight allows for it to be used right after bullfloating or fresno while the concrete is still very wet. It will not leave unwanted marks! Simply snap a line, pick a sight point and use the optional guide pin on the Plasteek Concrete Groover. Long straight or curved grooves are easily made in wet concrete. Multiple groove heads are available for making perfectly parallel lines and attractive decorative cuts. Make your expansion joints become artistic design.


  • Decorative finishes are easier than ever - and you can do expansion joints at the same time
  • Will Not leave unwanted marks
  • Can be used right after bull float or fresno
  • Multiple groove heads are available
  • Save time and your knees
  • All you need to make every adjustment is a 9/16" wrench
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Images courtesy of Photographer Jesse Savage

15.5-x-12-Square Super Stealth Plasteek Groover


8.5" x 12"Regular Plasteek Groover


21.5-x-12XL-Super Stealth Plasteek Groover


21.5" x 12XL Super Stealth Plasteek Groover
side view