a patina metal heron abstract sculpture by John Czegledi an artist, inventor and master craftsman from Courtenay BC

Patina Metal Herons

John was inspired to create these bird sculptures while on vacation in Hawaii.  They are close cousins of the white Egret which is a common sight in Hawaii. He loved the way they stood so stoically and patiently and has captured their majesty in his patina  metal creations.  Ranging in size from 3 to 11 feet tall they are created from scrap metal and embellished with colourful glass globes. Each heron is a unique and custom made individual.  John's creative expression is evident in the  attitude and feeling conveyed in each distinctive piece.

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a large abstract patina metal heron sculpture by Courtenay based artist and designer John Czegledipatina metal heron sculpture by artist, designer and inventor John Czegledi

a large patina metal heron by artist, inventor and craftsman John Czegledi from Courtenay BC

Patina Metal Herons

Small - 3-5 ft tall 

Medium 5-8 ft tall 

Large 8-11 ft tall