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john czegledi artist and inventor

John immigrated to Canada from Hungary as a child. His first experience of school was less than inviting and he found it to be very boring. By the time John reached middle school he could barely endure the hum drum experiences of the rigid teaching style of school in the 60’s and 70’s. Besides sports, John’s saving grace was art class. He looks back with heartfelt gratitude for his high school art teacher who wisely recognized John’s artistic talent. He remembers being allowed special privileges in the art room which gave him great satisfaction as he reveled in working with a variety of mediums. He spent a significant amount of time working with clay.

John was fortunate that his father was a skilled craftsman in a variety of skilled trades. Because of this, John had access to welders, carpentry and mechanic tools and the like. John was never afraid to try something new and he was always searching for new and creative ways to make tasks easier and more efficient. This was the time when he began his lifelong passion for inventing implements and devices. John has developed a whole line of innovative tools for the concrete industry and sells to retail stores and businesses all across North America.

As a young man, John chose concrete finishing as a career choice as it provided him with enough artistic and energetic outlet to offer a delightful challenge, while allowing him to earn a living at the same time. At this point in time, he began to experiment with designs in leather; he made everything from sandals and belts to purses, all in the cool 70’s styles. This was John’s psychedelic period where he experimented with all sorts of bazaar designs from concrete lamps to log furniture (that had some real design challenges). None the less, John’s creative fervor has never been squelched by any of his projects that do not turn out the way he had hoped. He learns something from every experience and keeps sparking on new ideas. 

In the 90’s John created his beautiful one-of-a-kind concrete free form fountains that received rave reviews at garden shows and were for sale in many high-end retail locations. He then began to create a whole line of sculptures in concrete. They were beautiful but very heavy. In 2004 John sustained serious injuries from a fall and had to find an easier material to work with. Thus, he ventured away from his artistic work in concrete and began working with metal. Since that time, he’s created everything from 12 feet tall sculptures of giant herons, to abstract indoor and outdoor wall hangings to sweet little creatures that hide in amongst the garden flowers. John continues to develop and design his art work with great enthusiasm.

John is a very vivacious and whimsical guy who loves life and loves showing his creations to everyone who drops by his shop and outdoor studio.

Metal sculptures nd designs by John Czegledi artisan and craftsman Courtenay BC

concrete vessels as a bird bath by concrete finisher, artist, designer and inventor John Czegledi

Concrete tools designed by John Czegledi, artist craftsman and concrete finished Courtenay BC

john czegledi artist and inventor metal and concrete sculpture Courtenay BC


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